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Online sleep programs for babies 0 month old to 14 years old

I’m strongly believing in respect to babies and their natural physical and mental needs, that’s why I’m following only “No Cry methods” in my entire work.

- Angelina

Hi there, I’m Angelina - certified baby sleep consultant and nutritionist, mom myself.

I’m following my true passion – to help babies get sleep in a most gentle ways possible, where both – baby and parents can enjoy this process!

BabySleep Programs

Depending on your baby's age, you can select a suitable program from following

Newborn sleep program

Suitable for newborns (0-3 months old)

Scheduling sleep program

Suitable for newborns (3 months+)

Independent sleep program

Suitable for newborns (4 months+)

How to begin?

We will proceed in these 3 simple steps

Select Program

Select a suitable program according to your child's age

Follow Instructions

Keep following the program schedule as consulted by me

Sleep peacefully!

Have a care-free and worry-free good night's sleep