About Me

Hi there, I’m Angelina - certified baby sleep Consultant and Nutritionist, mom myself.

I’m following my true passion – to help babies get sleep in a most gentle ways possible, where both – baby and parents can enjoy this process!

I’m strongly believing in respect to babies and their natural physical and mental needs, that’s why I’m following only “No Cry methods” in my entire work.

With a heart of mom and experience of professional, Im providing online baby sleep programs, which will help your baby to achieve:

  • Suitable day/night routine and regime
  • Proper day naps and active time
  • Sleep through the night
  • Correct sleep environments
  • Right methods of making baby sleep and self soothe
  • Help with breastfeeding and formula feeding routine
  • Make your little one an independent sleeper, by gently removing negative sleep associations such as breastfeeding to sleep, rocking to sleep, walking to sleep, and many more

My Happy Clients!

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