Independent Sleep Program

  • Removing negative sleep associations such as:
    • rocking to sleep
    • walking to sleep
    • sleep on laps
    • breastfeeding to sleep (divining feed and sleep without weaning)
    • tapping/shhhing/singing to sleep
    • parent presence to sleep
    • and many more
  • Totally “NO CRY” method of work
  • Teaching baby to sleep independently, without any parent help for:
    • naps
    • night sleep time
    • night awakenings
  • Achieving sleep through the night

Program will help you get

  • Sleep through the night
  • Right methods of making baby sleep and self soothe
  • Make your little one an independent sleeper, by gently removing negative sleep associations such as breastfeeding to sleep, rocking to sleep, walking to sleep, and many more

Conditions and Rules

✅ Program to be done online, by private WhatsApp chat (messages and voice messages) only.

✅ Independent sleep program consist of detailed plan for each negative sleep association. Each associations will be removed under a “Stages”.
“F.e: Stage 1: removing walking to sleep.
Stage 2: removing rocking to sleep.
Stage 3: replacing baby to crib. “
On each plan there will be a dates, client need to archive previous step to jump into next one.
Client can do self work (if everything is going smooth and as per given time), and contact consultant asap she completed the plan.
If client have any difficulties with steps in a first 24 hours after starting one or other, they need to connect with consultant asap for correction.

✅ Program details day by day:

📍Day 1:
📖 Consultant and client working together all day long – from 9 am to 9 pm
📖 Client receiving all needed information and plan, asking needed questions

📍Day 2 to Day Last:
📖 Client sending remaining questions from 9:00 am to 11:00 am ONLY.
Avoid msg’s after working time or night time.


✅ If baby is unwell, teething or you having something emergency – we can pause program by informing consultant. Program can be on hold not more then a 2 weeks from start date.
Very important for all this period of time is to fix on current step of independent sleep and DONT GO BACK TO NEGATIVE SLEEP ASSOCIATIONS.

✅ While program is paused, or all the way long under the program, parent SHOULD NOT gain new (extra) negative sleep associations. Consultant working only with list of associations, what been there when we stared our work.
Consultant won’t be responsible for new negative sleep associations, if client decide to use it on their own despite the program rules.

✅ No experiments during the program, including:
❌ Sudden changes of baby schedule by parents, without informing consultant.
❌ Doing other methods of independent sleep (specially CryOuts). In such case consultant will shut down the program.
❌ If baby starts taking new medication (specially homeopathic, do inform a consultant).
❌ Going with other information about baby sleep, accessible on Internet or books, and following it as priority above consultant recommendations. As consultant providing only official and professional information during the program.

✅ Sunday is day off as for client, as for consultant.